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Friday, April 08, 2011

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts...

The past several months I've gotten back into quilting. I had 4 projects all in various phases and they are all officially completed!
The first was a quilt for my nephew Leo. Ella had been slightly begging for a quilt for him for some time, so Leo got his as a Christmas present. It was fun picking fabrics for a boy--the fabrics ended up having a celestial theme and I loved the lime green and orange...

The second quilt I started 4 years ago, for my sister Bonnie. I picked the fabrics and started her quilt shortly after I had Stuey. I worked on it some, and then-as with many quilts, I got busy and it was on hold. There was some correcting I had to do to it as well, which I kept putting off (ie seam ripping and re-doing). It felt so great to finally finish it and mail it off for Bonnie's birthday!

The 3rd quilt is one for our kitchen. I've made around 12 or so quilts, but none for our couch. So I got some fabrics that I loved and made a couch quilt. I"m loving having the fun colors in our kitchen (thats right--the couch we spend most of our time on is in our kitchen).

The fourth is a quilt I completed in December...for our friend Sophie who celebrated her 1st birthday.

One change with these 4 quilts is I outsourced the actual quilting. The quilting is the stitching that is done on the top which holds the top layer to the middle and bottom layer. It was hard for me to do--to bring them downtown to have someone else do the quilting on them. But this is the step which I always have the least enjoyment with and dread doing. My dread of this step prevented me from completing quilts in a timely manner. In a discussion with a physical therapy client who is also a quilter, she mentioned that some people will really appreciate the lovely professional quilting on it, and it can accentuate the beauty of the quilt. So I decided to send these off to the local quilt stores to get the quilting professionally done and am really glad I did. When they came back all quilted, I put the bindings on and they were ready to go!

I'm not sure what I'll do on future quilt or not to quilt them? That is the question....

On to more quilting projects this spring...I"m always a happier person when I have a few quilting projects in the works. Thats what Patrick always tells me, at least!!



Anonymous said...

wow- You sure are a busy lady Zoya. With all your traveling, work, study for midwifery, cross country and now 4 completed quilts all this year. You surly set the bar high for the rest of us. I do however love the quilts. I like your color choices and pattern for the kitchen couch quilt and Sophie's is my favorite with its bold simple blocks. Well done.

My Little Family: said...

You have a good eye for color Zoya, really good. Love your choice of pattern too. By the waym if I made larger quilts I would have them professionally quilted too. It's such a big job for a home sewing machine.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Thank you for the comments!! :)
Love to hear about your favorite quilt!

Vickie-thank you for telling that about larger quilts...makes me feel to better to hear such words from a fellow quilter. It really is hard to quilt a large blanet in a small machine.