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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Toy Time Outs & Sledding

The past 4-5 days with the kids have been easier since I"ve implemented the "loss a toy to goodwill store" for bad behavior. Boy do they care about their trains and toys! The consequence is so solid and unwavering, that the kids really get it. Nora has only lost her pink purse to "the car" (to be driven to goodwill). And Stuey has lost 5 small toys. I came up with an "earn 'em back" program...once they earn 20 stickers on their sticker chart, they can earn a toy back. Its working. I dusted the sticker charts off the top of the fridge.

OInce Stuey sees that we mean business and are really consistent with it-he stops testing boundaries. Its quite a shift. For a while I wasn't cooking much with Nora and Stuey because they would fight over the bowl, stirring, etc... But now, I just say, "Stuey-if you keep grabbing that spoon from Nora, you'll lose a car" and he stops. The dust has settled a bit, Stuey isn't say, "poopy guy mommy" and the kids are playing together for extended periods of time. Phew.

The other day Stuey said, "mom, Toby (the train) misses me. He says, 'Stuey, Stuey..I miss you.'" He told me this in the cutest little guy voice. He really gives his toys little emotions and wants to work hard to earn them back.

I know I say this a lot, but parenting is often like a game of Lets Make a Deal. over and over and over again! I know-its not supposed to be this way. We should be more strict. And they should know exactly whats expected.


Photos are from recent sledding adventures in our back yard. We have a little sled run that has turned into a luge run due to the snow being compressed! Stuey could sled forever and ever!

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Marnie said...

Let's make a deal! I play this game ALL the time with Abby.