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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Triplet

Ever since last summer, I have heard about a gal who is my "TWIN". People come up to me and say, "Oh I saw you at such and such party..." and I would reply, "I wasn't at that party...". People would SWEAR it was me.

My reply would usually be, "well-I have a twin sister but she doesn't live here. Maybe I have a triplet!"
I finally met my triplet a few months ago...she had been told that she looked exactly like me and was eager to meet me (as I was her)! In fact, one person had a full conversation with her under the assumption that she was me-and she had to correct them. She is very nice and friendly, which was re-assuring--if I'm going to have a triplet its a bonus if she is a cool person!

Her name is Crystal and she has a blog too!
It is

I snagged the photo from her blog...Do I think she and I look alike? I say yes.
I can see where people got us confused. Patrick thought so too.


1 comment:

Anne said...

So funny Zoya, Crystal has been subbing in the classroom right next to mine and just this afternoon I was thinking, "hmm, she looks a bit like Zoya ..."