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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow & Swimming

More snow has arrived in Kodiak--we made the starts of two little snow block houses (Stuey has one and Nora and I are going to be roommates in her house!). My sister Anne sent the kids a kit to make snow or sand castles, and we had so much fun today outside with them! It was a perfect use for Stuey's energy.

This past week I got back into the pool for swimming and it felt great. I haven't been in the pool for many, many months and it was much better than I had anticipated.
I was dreading going back for several reasons:
-the cleanliness of the locker rooms.THe last time I was in it it smelled foul and there was build up of hair and stagnant water in the drains in the showers. Ewwww.
-Hoping I would remember how to do the crawl stroke. And not drown...or look like I was drowning.
-Being in a crowded locker room with bizillions of middle schoolers ( i know, silly--but in the interest of full disclosure-had to put it)
-Pool being cold. The last time I swam in it I remembered it being quite cold. (I know this is a good thing, however)

Fortunately, none of the things I was concerned about was an issue (well-aside from the drowning part...more later on that). No middle schoolers were there. The pool is being maintained much better than before...the locker room is clean, no hair balls in the pool, clear crisp water, deck was nice and clean...the whole experience was very positive. Much better than the first 6-9 months after it opened.

I was exhausted after 1/2 hour of laps. I think the life guard had a close eye on me for fear that I would drown. I noticed she moved her "station" over to the deep end--something I"ve never seen a lifeguard do during lap swim. It probably had nothing to do with me...but I couldn't help but notice! I can only do one length of the pool of crawl stroke before i have to revert to breast stroke or back stroke. Gosh swimming is hard. I would look at the people in the other lanes going back and forth, back and forth without any break. I was in awe. Someday I'll be able to do that.


Photos are from today in the snow!


Molly O said...

Funny that you posted about swimming because I just started swimming again after a 6 month break. After I read your post about analyzing people's running gaits, I asked a friend who was a collegiate swimmer to help me with my stroke. When I swim (and do other things) I get a tight spot in my back and I think it would go away if I had better form swimming. She suggested I rotate more from side to side and swim slowly so I can really focus on my form until it comes more naturally. I am very glad I did two years of swim team in high school though, I was never very fast but it did give me the basics to be a good swimmer. Maybe next time I'm in Kodiak you can look at my running gait and I can help you with swimming!

Marnie said...

I went swimming last night! The conditions of the pool were not as good as you described, but it was right after open swim, so....I am just happy to have the pool! I felt like a total dork! I am a self-taught swimmer. The two men on either side of me had near perfect form. I felt like a fish out of water. I tried to let go of my "ok, I really don't know how to swim, but I'm swimming anyway feeling" and just enjoyed it. It also did not help that the lifeguard was also at the deep end. "He is not watching me, he is not watching me..."

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Molly-sounds like a good trade!! Two hears of high school swim team--wow. you must be fast.

Marnie--too funny! Well, makes me feel better to know that the lifeguard was positioned at the deep end even when I"m not in the pool...Its great that you went swimming.From everything I hear and read, its the near perfect exercise...low impact and challenges (nearly) every muscle in your body!


Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

And i also remember...hey-I'm swimming faster than all those people not swimming at all! :)