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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday Ski

On Sunday I went for a cross country ski with Philip, Adelia, Gregg and Lisa up above Buskin Lake. Last time we all skiied together it was on my birthday last March. Same time, same place but much earlier in the year. On Sunday a 10 o'clock ski meant dawn while last March it meant late morning. Still it was so nice it FELT like my birthday. I guess if you make it so - any day can be your birthday.

At the airport here in Kodiak we now have 17 inches of powder snow , and are enjoying what I fear is the end of another great run of weather. Tonight it is supposed to snow and then rain. Hopefully, it will settle the snowpack, freeze and I'll be back on skate skiis next week. Lately the snow has been so deep that I have only been able to use my classic cross country skiis. Funnily enough, despite all the snow in town we still have relatively little snow up on the mountains.

Pictures, Top to bottom: Pyramid and Bear Mountains reflecting in the dawn alpine glow in the water at the outlet to Buskin Lake. A USGC antenna silhouetted against the dawn sky. Philip and Adelia - I like the color of Adelia's hat. Lisa crosses some THIN ice across a shallow place in the river - it's amazing how little ice will support you when your weight is distributed on skiis (like HUGE snowshoes). Everybody but me crossing Buskin Lake on the way home. Patrick

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