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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Abercrombie at dawn

A few days ago I took the dogs into Abercrombie Park at dawn. I brought along our new camera to take artsy shots under the spruce trees. I wanted to see how it did in low light. And it did GREAT.

I loved the silhouettes of the tree trunks against the dawn sky and waters of Mill Bay. In the viewfinder Spruce cape looked like the shore of a pond and the nearby trunks reflections in the water of the pond (bottom 2 photos). Of course when I blew them up at home the trompe d'oeil look was lost and they just looked like nearby tree trunks again. But if you use your imagination you can see what I was imagining. Perhaps I'll have to go back again on another dawn and get it right.

The second photo is the doggie's nemesis squirrel. They've tried to catch him for years, but he always makes it up the tree in time to escape their efforts. Patrick


Isiik said...

I may need a copy of that squirrel pic someday for the language program! -Isiik

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Is there an Alutiiq word for squirrel? Afterall, there were no squirrels on Kodiak until the last 40 years or so. Or did the Kenei or Chugach Alutiiq have a word for squirrel? Piugta