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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Travel Jitters

In 3 weeks we leave for France to see Balika, Sven and their two girls. The plan is to fly from Kodiak to Paris, meet up with our prior babysitter, Hannah (She has been living in Germany for a year) have 1 day in Paris, then take the train to Southern France (Castelnaudary) and do a 1 week canal boat ride on a boat we've rented. The boat is a small one and Patrick and Sven will drive it down a canal with lots of locks. After the canal ride, we'll go to Barcelona for 4 days then fly out of Barcelona home.

This is my first time out of the country since we went to Costa Rica when Nora was 6 months old. And I"m nervous about it. Stuey is a definite 3.5 year old boy and the thought of being on an airplane for a seriously long 2 days gives me a small pit in the bottom of my stomach.I'm also nervous about the language differences and making our way around from train station to airport, etc. This is something Patrick is very confident about-PHEW. He speaks a small amount of French and is not concerned about making our way around in Paris. SO thats a relief.

I have to remember that the journey will be a big adventure for them AND us. New sights, sounds and smells (hopefully of chocolate croissants) around every corner. The big bonus on this trip is that there will be two wonderful girls close to Nora and Stuey's age they can play with.

I know once we're on our way-there will be no turning back and it will be a fun adventure!!


Photos are from trips with the kids over the years.

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The North Sister said...

You will do great!!!! Travel far and wide, Z, and take your kids. The challenges will never outweigh the richness of experience! XO