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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Goat Hunt Scenics

Just a few more scenics from our recent south end Kodiak goat hunt. Top photo is of the camp and fog forming on the bay. In the evening fog formed on the bay and slowly got closer and closer to our camp. Second photo is of our camp at dawn. As usual we had a Kifaru Teepee and woodstove for shelter. Sometimes in the morning it was hard to leave the comfort of the woodstove. Third photo: The hill behind camp - every morning we glassed the hillside and the deer popped out in the sunshine. Fourth photo: Alpine meadows - this is where the deer hang out. Actually, the deer were on the very tops of the mountains during the heat of the day. Bottom photo: Boarding the raft to cross the bay. Having an inflatable raft increased our options when it came time to hunt. After crossing the bay we would deflate the raft and put it high up in an alder so that bears could not munch on it. Patrick

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