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Saturday, September 04, 2010

The many faces of Nora

Recently we got Nora a 'Hello Kitty' camera for her birthday. Actually, to be honest, we got the cheapest digital camera we could find at Walmart and then put a 'Hello Kitty' sticker on it. Nora loves to take pictures of herself mugging for the camera. It's quite funny to see the various poses she strikes for the camera. Most of the pictures are blurry and it seems every time we download our cameras to the computer I have to spend an inordinate amount of time deleting REALLY bad photos. But put them all together into a video and they are rather funny.

I can't help but wonder if camera self awareness is a bad or good thing? Will this behavior influence her in some way? Will she become a model or movie star (Yikes - I certainly hope not!)? Or will she simply learn to control her facial muscles to make various funny faces and grow bored with the camera in time? Somehow, I think the latter scenario is more likely. Patrick

UPDATE: I just noticed that Youtube disabled the audio for my movie. It worked when I first put it up and now it does not. Oh well - try to imagine 'Freeze Frame' by the J Geils band while you watch the video. And since the band blocked my audio I will no longer purchase any music by them ever again! So far this means I will never again purchase music by the Grateful dead, the BeeGees, Gloria Gayner, Paul Simon, and now The J Geils Band. I would think artists would want people to hear their music played on youtube because then other listeners are more likely to buy it. I still do not understand the downside, as far as copywrite issues go, of allowing people to use your music on personal Youtube videos.

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