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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today I'm really feeling much better. Phew. I think the kids sense my increased energy as well. They are more positive today and we had a fun time. The weather has been spectacular--temps in the high 50's and sunny. Very little wind. It is dream fall weather!
This morning I still had quite a bit of lightheadedness and it persisted into the afternoon. Then I laid down for a few minutes in the late afternoon, and when I work up, the lightheadedness was gone. For the first time in 12 days, I thought, "Thats right-this is how normal feels!". So hopefully there will be more "normal" and less dizzy in the days to come. Seems like things are coming together.

Patrick called from the field-they got two goats and are going to work on deer then head home. I'm hoping Friday.

Stuey has been a cute little affectionate guy lately. He does pucker lip kiss and says, "I kiss you, mommy" then gives me a cute kiss. Today he gave me lots of cute little kisses-it felt good to have the kick in my step to laugh and joke with the kids again today.

Stuey is really enjoying preschool. He has a friend, Bren , whom he plays with a lot. Today Nora stayed home sick (again) and as we left to drop Stuey off at preschool, Nora chimed, "I get a mommy day". Stuey retorted, "I get a Bren day". Pretty cute. He and Bren are little buddies. It surprised me because Stuey doesn't mind going to preschool even when Nora is going. He really does like it! I wish Nora shared that love for preschool. It makes me sad that she continues to sulk about going. She has two little friends who are currently gone, so when they return, hopefully her mood about it will improve.

Patrick will be proud of how many times I've posted on the blog since hes been gone! Sometimes when he is gone, once the kids are in bed I have little motivation to do any writing. This time around, seems like there has been lots to write about!


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