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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Holiday Weekend Happenings

Labor day weekend brought fairly nice weather to Kodiak and Sunday afternoon was perfect for heading to the Kodiak Fair and Rodeo. Patrick's favorite part is always looking at the food and animal entries in the 4H contest and seeing which veggies won ribbons. He is bound and determined to enter a potato next year! Many friends of ours made entries, which was inspiring to Patrick.

On another note, Stuey is learning how to ride his bike with pedals! For several weeks, he would say, "I want a bike with pedals" (as he rode his pedal-less run bike). Now he has a small-framed pedal bike that he is in love with. He can go down our driveway without assist and is starting to attempt turns. I believe within a week or two he'll be able to go up the driveway as well.

A fun part of biking in the evening with kids is that a neighbor boy (M.) always comes over on his bike and joins Nora and Stuey. He is so pleasant and listens to Nora and Stuey as they talk to him. Yesterday we saw that Nora was starting to stand up when she was biking, imitating M,--as he stands up a lot when he bikes. Then I saw Stuey try standing, and I said, "Stuey-you need to learn how to ride your bike sitting, then try standing." I think he got it.

As we parted our ways in the evening, M. said, "Good night Nora". The kids said, "good night, M." He pedaled off and said, "Don't let the bedbugs bite!!".

I saw the movie Julie and Julia over the weekend and just loved it. I identified with Julie's enjoyment with blogging AND it got me inspired to start cooking more again. I would love for Patrick watch Julie & Julia, even though it has one of his least favorite actresses (Meryl Streep) in it. (I personally love Meryl. She scares me). Meryl did such a fabulous job as Julia! Very believable. Last night I said, Patrick-sometime this week do you want to rent a movie? His reply?
"Sure. As long as it not critically acclaimed. And nothing foreign. Or with subtitles." I had to assure him that Julie and Julia is neither of those. (but I didn't want to break the news that Meryl Streep is in it. I think he loves Julia Child enough that he can let that one slide...)


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