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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Camping with Lisa & Gregg

I spent Sunday night up on the mountain with Lisa & Gregg. We took along my Mega Light teepee tarp and a woodstove, lit the stove, and life was good. I usually bring along a firestarter (one of those wax soaked cubes) to help start the stove, but this time I forgot. I discovered that the 'pocket rocket' propane stove works great as a blowtorch! Probably not the safest way to light a stove but it is a good trick to know for when times are desperate.

Yesterday morning I woke up well before dawn, lit the stove, heated up water for coffee and tea and cooked up Rice-a-Roni for breakfast. The stars, gibber moon, and sunrise were all spectacular. And best of all, less than an hour after sunrise we harvested a deer. I love camping, but bringing home meat brings substance to a camping trip - gives it a purpose. Tonight I'll go to Lisa and Gregg's to butcher and wrap the deer, and, hopefully, we will have deer ribs and liver for dinner.

Photos: Top - Gregg and Lisa drink their morning brew (tea with sugar and cream) while they contemplate the sunrise. Bottom - Teepee tarp and the sunrise. If you look carefully you can see the stove glowing red underneath. We usually set up the teepee a bit off of the ground to create more room - and also everyone can just slide out from under the edge to get in and out. No need to navigate through the crowd to use the door. Patrick

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