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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fall Colors

It's finally fall! Last weekend when I went deer hunting with Gregg it was still pretty green up in the high country and there were flowers blooming. This past weekend when I went hunting with Mark and Jason all the greens had turned to brown and the flowers had been frosted. The fireweed is at the fuzzy stage, and it will not be long before all the cottonwoods lose their leaves!

Our hunt was successful. We climbed up into the alpine before dawn and shot a spike. I also tried something new with the neckmeat when I butchered it back home. Rather than teasing all the pieces apart and cutting off all the tendons and fat which always seems to take forever (and you just end up with a tiny bit of meat after all the trimming). I just lopped it off the backstrap and cooked it covered with the ribs at low heat (200 degrees) with a little water in the bottom of the pan for 8 hours. I then used Gregg's rib marinade recipe and cooked both up on the grill in the evening. Outstanding! The neck meat melted and tasted just like really meaty ribs. I will not waste my time trimming neck meat in the future! Patrick

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