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Sunday, September 19, 2010

South End Goats

On Friday My brother Dicky, Gregg and I got back a day early from a goat hunt on the south end of Kodiak. All went well and we harvested 2 goats, but, surprisingly enough, no deer. For the first few days while we hunted for goats we ran into HUGE bucks everywhere, but once we had our goats and started to hunt for deer they suddenly became hard to find. So no deer, but what a place - Great visuals!

Top photo is of our teepee with the moon rising behind it in the evening. Second photo is of the rocks we called 'Stonehenge'. Third photo is of my goat and the view. I took the picture while I was talking with Nora and then Zoya on the SAT phone while waiting for Gregg and Dicky to join me. I had gone ahead to stalk the goat alone. Nora was VERY happy to hear we'd have plenty of goat meat for winter. Fourth photo is of my brother while on the lookout for deer and goats. Finally the bottom photo is of the sunrise on our final day before we got picked up. Not one rain day - amazing weather. The weather might have been too good because by the time to go home we were worn out from hiking every day with no down days in between due to weather. Patrick

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Kara Pennington Photography said...


First off, I must say I have been following your blog and really enjoy all your adventures and hunts. It is inspiring and hopefully one day I will have the same kind of journal you have to look back on.

I wanted to ask you about your goat hunt you did in Kaiugnak Bay in 2010. Did you see good goat numbers in that area and would you go back there again to hunt goats? Feel free to email me at

Thank you,