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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

Today I'm feeling much better. Thank heavens!

Two nights ago, I went to dinner at MJ's house with the kids. Not feeling great, but it was nice to be with other people for a few minutes and the kids had fun spinning around on MJ's mod George Jetson chairs.

During the conversation, a friend of mine (E.) whom I treated many months ago said, "Zoya, you're not considering working this week, are you?".

I replied, "Well, yeah. I'm probably going to cancel out tomorrow morning then see clients the rest of the week." My sister Ella had been asking me the same thing earlier that day.

E. looked at me with a stunned look on his face, and said, "What? Zoya, you need to take time off and rest and let yourself recover from this. I would be very disappointed to find out that my physical therapist doesn't follow her own advice."
These words really sat true with me. I didn't want to disappoint him, or myself by not giving myself the time to heal. Its funny how all day on my job, I am an advocate for letting the body doing its healing, scaling back activities for a while and setting the stage for healing. Then, more often than not, healing does occur.

But when it comes time to my own health, I have a hard time seeing how that same advice should apply to me.

I was surprised how E. told me how he would be bummed to find out that I don't follow my own advice. And he told me " have to make that initial investment in healing those first few weeks, but then it pays off later in a more complete recovery." These were my words to him during PT. Words that I tell folks on a daily basis as a physical therapist.

They were words I didn't WANT to hear, but I needed to hear them. When I got home that evening, I called up my office manager and gave her the heads up that I would need 1 full week without clients to make sure that I healed up strong from this vertigo. Thus far, it feels like the right decision. Vertigo and lightheadedness is lessening and I"m feeling on the mend.

Thank you, E.and Ella for joining forces to help get me on the mend!


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