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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Visit with Mike and Alisa

Its 10 PM, the kids have been in bed for a couple of hours, dish washer, washing machine and dryer are all running. Now its time to have a few minutes to myself before heading to bed also.

Patrick and the guys made it to King Salmon area safe and sound Tuesday morning. I was mightily skeptical about the weather, but they made it! Patrick called and told me it was sunny and very windy there-and they saw a caribou herd on their flight in. I think this trip is especially exciting for Patrick, as it is a new region for him to learn about and explore.

I definitely don't blog as much as I used to. Partly because I'm busy, and when I have a moment to myself I like to be either walking the dogs or on the horizontal position on the couch for a while with no demands...(and a cup of tea (or wine) in hand). That said, writing can be very therapeutic as well!!

As of late, I have felt as thought I have nothing "blog worthy" to write about. Kids, work, kids, family, work....same old, same old. No real novel thoughts or reflections on life. Its funny how I started the blog and initially did all the writing and now Patrick seems to do the majority of the writing.
When Patrick posts, he has cool photos of bears, mountains, skiing, etc...with me its more plain. I need to get re-inspired and remember that every blog entry is just that-a blog entry. Not a masterpiece. Not a letter. Not a journal entry. Just a chance to write about things that are happening.

Last night I had a great visit with Alisa, Mike and Elias--who are here visitingfrom Australia. They are friends who lived in Kodiak for many years then sailed their sail boat, Pelagic, from Kodiak to Australia and are living there now. They started their journey 2 years ago. (We have their blog linked on ours)
Heather, Pete and their girls came over as well to catch up and we finished the evening with a quick banya. It was so amazing to see Mike, Alisa and Elias-and feel like how little time has passed. Yet amazing things have happened in that 2 years... they sailed across the world with a 1 year old boy, I opened my physical therapy business, people have gotten married, moved, had babies, etc....Gives me an appreciation for how much actually happens in two years time!

I so admire that they really followed their dream and did the sail trip to Australia. I remember when they were starting to talk about it as an idea to do and what a huge undertaking it seemed to me. Then bit by bit, they did what they needed to do to reach their goal. They seem so confident as a family. There must be something to knowing that you have survived the bare open sea for days on end that really brings depth to your family. I can't even imagine a comparable experience!
I look forward to catching up more tomorrow with Alisa.


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Meghan said...

We love ALL of your posts, Zoya-keep them coming!