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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

iphone photos and ferry trip to Homer

Patrick is asleep on the couch this evening, kids are asleep and laundry purrs away in the washing machine. A few minutes to myself on the computer.

This weekend, Nora Stuey and myself depart on the ferry to Homer to see my parents for 3 days. Nora has been looking forward to the trip for literally MONTHS. Her 'bags' have been packed-(bags consisting of safeway veggie bags filled with clothing, pajamas, toothbrush, etc.) Several months ago she heard that we were going to Homer in the future and decided to do the packing for the trip. She raced over the the drawer of plastic bags she had immediate access to and started packing away.
Her enthusiasm for the trip is quite contagious.
(On prior trips off island, I wouldn't particularly look forward to the 'journey' part of things...I was focused more on the destination. Anyone who has traveled with babies or toddlers knows what I mean--or if you've been on an airplane with a baby or toddler you know what I mean. As my mom put it once, traveling with ones that small could be equated to traveling with a ticking time bomb. You never know when its going to go off...)

But this time, Nora understands the concept of the ferry and we are able to see the ferry go across Spruce Cape point here at the house several days a week and she asks, "Is that our ferry for Homer, Mom?". We will board the ferry at 2AM, which may be a bit rough, but I think Nora and Stuey's excitement about it all will hopefully pull us through a couple of days. Hmm...maybe thats too optimistic. Perhaps a couple of hours?!
Patrick has to stay here to help with Dig Afognak camp, so it'll just be me and the kids making the crossing to Homer.


Photos were taken recently at the park. Fun times in the tube slide!!!

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