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Friday, June 05, 2009

Binky is Extinct!

The moment I've been waiting for has arrived...

Nora's Binky is gone permanently.

It all began with Wendy V. dropping off a double baby stroller for Nora. Nora was IN LOVE with it and immediately drove it around the house and put her dolls in/out. When Stuey set eyes on it, he wanted it as well. I insisted that Nora share the stroller and if she didn't share it was going away in my car. Nora disagreed with this idea, so the stroller went into my car--BYE BYE for the night.

The next morning, Nora asked "Mamma, Can I have the stroller" several times. I said, "yes you can have the stroller and you don't have to share it with Stuey if you give up your binky."
She didn't hesitate and said, "yeah, Mamma. I'm a big kid. I don't need my binky no more."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I asked her, "You understand then, that you won't have your binky at bed time tonight?" and she replied, "Yeah, Mamma. I"m a biiiiiiig kid.". I was in disbelief. Could it really be that easy?

I retrieved the stroller from my car and in came her stroller. Stuey fussed for a moment or two over it, but I distracted him with other toys. When Stuey and Nora were in the other room, I threw away every binky I knew of in the house.

Last night Nora cried for about 45 minutes, but I just laid with her until she fell asleep. All in all, its a fabulous move. For her teeth development, for her speech. She is beyond ready to say goodbye to it.

It was perfect timing to do while Patrick is out of town. He has an especially hard time resisting her cries for the binky. I think he'll be quite pleased that its all done with when he returns!

Thank you to Julie for nudging me that direction (and Ella too) and thank you to Bonnie for problem solving on how to get rid of it!!



Marnie said...

Yeah! Now if I could only get Abby to give up ba-bas and fu-fus (binky). We should have done it at 15 months. It would have been so easy, but now when she cries and cries for ba-ba, it's hard to say no.
I know a friend had a similar solution to a problem. Her 3-ish year old refused to poop in the potty, and one day, she wanted something real bad, and her mom told her no, only big girls who use the potty get that whatever - it worked. We just need a little motivation sometimes to give up our habits.

Team Wilco said...

Hi Zoya,

Thanks for the banya the other night. It was nice to meet you! Meghan told me your blog address, so I've been following along a bit.

Good luck with the binky! My friend took her son to the post office with a box of binkies and they ceremoniously mailed them (I think to the binky fairy, but possibly to other kids who really need binkies).

Enjoy this sunny day!

Anji Gallanos said...

Max gave up his when we "forgot" it on vacation. It was a rough night..well more than one night. I don't know why we ever started it..but some babies just really need that constant feel in their mouths. After our looonnngg vacation he came home, found it, but the love was gone and he dropped it. I have to admit I kind of miss the cute little chubby face with the Baboo hanging out of it.