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Friday, June 05, 2009

Childbirth Reunion Class

Last weekend I hosted the first A Balanced Approach Prepared Childbirth reunion class here at the house. In attendance were 6 moms, 6 newborns, 3 dads, 2 toddlers and my little ones. Good times were had- It was amazingly mellow considering we had 6 newborns & 4 toddlers in attendance! There was actually very little crying!
Getting everyone together was even better than I ever could have imagined. I enjoyed hearing bits and pieces of different stories from their childbirth as well as parenting adventures. The moms with the 3-4 month old babies were amazed at how much bigger their babies were than the newborns! There is so much growth that happens in that time!
Nora and Stuey weren't completely thrilled when I would pick up some of the newborns. Stuey would race right over with a concerned look on his face and ask to be held.
I think it helps complete the circle, cycle-from childbirth class to birth to seeing the other moms and dads after and reflecting on it all. For myself AND for the parents. In standard hospital based courses, there often isn't a reunion for people and it leaves others wondering how everyone else did with their labors, birth and parenting.


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