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Monday, June 15, 2009

An afternoon ski in June

No posts about skiing in over a month. I bet you just might have thought I was done with skiing for the year. But not if you know me well! The skiing is still great on Pyramid. It's not like last year where we had such good snow that I skiied on Pyramid into August, but it is not as bad as it's been some other years.

Today I went up with Mike Mannelin and we skiied the North Bowl. We found a 1600 foot vertical run into the far left ravine. It's a hard ravine to find and this is the first year I've skiied it. Pretty darn steep too. Booting out of it was brutal. I love it when you get to the bottom and the golden crowned sparrows are singing 'oh dear me' and it's all bright green about with the narrow strip of snow through it all. Summer snow.

Photos: Top - Mike dropping down the top of the North Bowl. Self portrait of me posing on a rock. Booting out of the bottom part of the ravine. Panoramic of the bottom 1000 feet of the run (the ravine) - the top 600 and entire north bowl part of the run is out of view. Mike boots it up in his really heavy boots. I also made a youtube video of our day.

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