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Friday, June 26, 2009

Park after dinner

Last night while I taught my childbirth class, Patrick took the kids on a walk to Ft. Abercrombie. Lately we have been trying to do after dinner walk with them-to tire them out before bed. It has been working only somewhat successfully. :(

We leave tomorrow night for Homer on the ferry. It just dawned on me that we are leaving tomorrow night-for some reason I was thinking it is the following night. SO tomorrow will be full of preparations and packing. Patrick leaves for dig afognak in the afternoon. I'm way bummed he won't be with us on the trip. Nora's excitement about the journey is so FUN!! She has been talking about how we're taking the car on the ferry, and I think that is very abstract to it is that we bring a car on a boat. Tomorrow night she'll discover how the loading deck on a ferry works... good times.


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