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Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Trails to the Van Curen's-party last Saturday

On Saturday night was the Van Curen's Happy Trails Party here at our house. Preston, Wendy and their family are moving to New York to be closer to family.
(It was a surprise party that remained a surprise until the night before when they got a hint that something was up...and phone calls to their friends revealed that everyone had a commitment that evening, but none of them could express exactly where they were going to be....Heather, Mike and Betsy and I were scheming weeks in advance)
There were about 20 people in attendance including lots of kids. This was fun, as they all played outside, running around, playing tag and on the plastic fake cabin we have in the back yard. Betsy L. took some AMAZING kid photos with our camera, but I'm hesitant to post them without permission from parents, so I'll just leave them off. Judging from the photos you'd think Nora was the only kid there, but there were actually about 12 kids in attendance!
In case you were wondering about the cake, it was a "We think its poopy that you're Leaving" cake-Betsy L. organized it. Note the toilet paper and flies on the frosting. :)
The frosting was wonderful, moussey consistency. All the kids had "ring-around-the-mouth" chocolate marks. Pretty funny.
Happy Trails to The Van Curens as they head to their new adventure in New York!


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JHHL said...

Sad to see such great people leave town...