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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Helicopter Ride

On Monday, the day after we got back from the other side of the Alaska Peninsula, I was lucky enough to get to go on a work-related helicopter ride. We flew down to Sitkalidak Island, checked out the Refuge Rock, Ocean Beach and Natalia Bay before going to Old Harbor where we had perfectly cooked, fresh king salmon for lunch. We went home via the high mountains of Kodiak's interior.

A helicopter ride is a totally different experience than flying in a float plane. The most obvious difference is that helicopters fly much lower to the ground. But there is also the 'carnival ride' like feeling of floating around the landscape. Helicopters do not have to go in a straight line. They dart this way and that, up and down and hover in place - it's like riding on the back of a huge dragonfly.

Photos: A stream near the head of Natalia Bay. The Refuge Rock near Sitkalidak Island. Old Harbor's Russian Orthodox church. USFWS personnel wearing helmets inside the helicopter. Patrick

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