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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Adventure

This weekend I definitely had my moments of "Patrick! Please come home soon!". I called many friends and cried on their shoulders. Just tired of feeling like everything with the kids was a struggle the past few days. Getting them ready to go some place, temper tantrums, Stuart throwing his food on the floor, Nora spilling food everywhere by accident, both kids crying at once. It all adds up and starts to feel frusturating.

I met my friend Balika and her daughter for coffee this morning with the kids. When they came into the coffee shop, I said, "I'm warning you, I"m in a bad mood." She laughed and helped me laugh as well.
For some reason I felt more overwhelmed than normal with Patrick's absence. Perhaps because it is rainy and cold as well, I'm tired, the house has been a bit messy-it all adds up over time. Its not really that I wanted him to come home any earlier than I had planned, I just miss his companionship and friendship. Parenting is so much more fun with him around.

When I called Karen and left a message on her machine saying, "...Oh, its me. I just need a shoulder to cry on. I"ll try someone else..." she called back promptly and said, "Zoya, let Jeremy and I take the kids for the afternoon so you can have a few hours to yourself!".

So the kids went to their house. Karen made them popcorn, Jeremy and Karen took them to the beach in front of their house. I got 2 hours of the most productive housecleaning ever. Spent 45 minutes alone in the kitchen-stovetop, dishes, floor.... it felt GREAT!! When I arrived to pick up the kids, Noras socks were in the dryer, Stuey was sitting on Jeremy's lap with a big smile on his face and Nora was licking up the last of the salt and popcorn pieces from the popcorn bowl. Everyone was quite content. Including me!

All is well now. Kids are in bed and now I"m off to catch up on zzz's as well.


PHOTOS: Karen and Jeremy took the photos on Boschs' beach today. Good times were had!!

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Mary said...

I know the feeling of just needing a break! Hang in there. There must be something in the small brood has been a bit on the crazy side as well! :)