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Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Happy Birthday

Last night Gregg and Lisa brought a pumpkin pie, gift and roast of lamb to my house to help me celebrate my birthday. I supplied the potatoes and we had a party. Roast leg of lamb with gravy Gregg made from reduced beef hock broth, mashed potatoes with leeks, shallots and garlic mixed in. No stinting on heavy cream or butter either. For the pie we whipped up homemade whipped cream with vanilla extract mixed in - all very yummy.

Zoya and Stu are in Anchorage (Zoya is doing physical therapy training), but Nora was certainly happy to be home for this one (she has been missing her mom - lots of plaintive 'mommy's). Mary Jane joined us too, and she supplied the wine and white port. A good time was had by all. Patrick

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