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Saturday, March 22, 2008

NORMAL is a SETTING on the dryer.

This past week I met with the infant learning people to discuss Nora's needs for speech therapy and progress with her speech. She really is still VERY behind-like more than 50% behind...even though we've been doing speech and all that we can do.

I received a letter in the mail inviting me to a school distric meeting which has about 8 people attending...administrator, speech therapy, OT, school psychologist...the list goes on.It is next week.

Fortunately for me I worked in the school system (for 1 year) and know what to expect at these meetings. Nonetheless, it is interesting to sit on the other side of the table now.
The topic of discussion will be my little 2.5 year old Nora, who has a grand ole time playing with her dolls, occasionally still sucking on her binky, toddles around the house, playing in the sink....It seems like overkill to me but I understand the intent of it all. It has to be determined if her delay is significant enough that it will put her behind when she starts in kindergarten in 2 years. And if it is,then we have the option of her having services through the school district.

Admist the discussion, the topic of Nora having a pediatric neurologist evaluation came up. For some reason, whenever this is brought up, I freeze up a little inside. It seems like too much for my little Nora. I had visions of her being attached to electrodes, undergoing electrical brain testing-some barbaric image from a bad movie. Anyhow, Nancy and Amanda with the infant learning program re-assured me that the pediatric neurologist is actually a very fun, approachable, sensible guy and an evaluation with him would have nothing to do with electrodes or MRI's. Phew. I was put at ease and saw that he may have something to offer on further insight on how Nora's thinking and speaking mechanisms work and if there is anything we can do to help her more.

At the end of the meeting I gazed up to the desk in front of me, and a saying was on a piece of paper stuck to the desk. I identified with it right away...especially after an hour of discussions about Nora and concern about speech delay...
"NORMAL is a SETTING on the DRYER". I laughed outloud. It was just the right saying for that moment.


Photo: Maggie (Melissa Dover's dog we're watching her for the weekend while she had to go away unexpectedly), Stuey and myself in front of the fire this evening. Big snowstorm outside today.
Myself at the Spin Studio booth at the local Health Fair today. This was my first time attending with the Spin Studio and I'd call it a big success. Lots of people stopped by the booth to get more info on our classes! Yeah!

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Mary said...

I so agree about the word "normal".