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Monday, March 17, 2008

Anchorage Getaway

Last weekend I dusted the cobwebs off my brain and went to Anchorage to take a continuing education course. I must admit, since I've had babies, my energy and time to do hands on coursework for my PT license has been limited. So the past couple of years, I've resorted to online courses. This option is not nearly as good as hands on courses, however. Especially in a field such as physical therapy which is a hands on profession.

Stuart and Hannah came with me to Anchorage. Bless Hannah's heart-she was excited at the prospect of a long weekend in Anchorage with Stuart. This put me at great ease because I haven't been away from Stuart for longer than 5 hours or so and I wasn't sure how it would go for Stuart in a new place for 8 hours without me. He did just fine-and was always smiling away when I got home.

We stayed at Patrick's cousins house-Will and Beth Saltonstall. Will and Beth are so thoughtful, kind and accomodating-especially with little Stuey zooming around their house trying to get into things. They cooked a yummy meal with rotisserie style chicken, wild rice salad and artichokes with garlic butter. The garlic butter was a lovely flavor with the artichokes. I've never tried that combo with artichokes before and BOY was it good! It was Hannah's first time eating an artichoke, which was fun to watch. She was all about trying something new!

I got up early and was at class by 8:30 all 3 days. Hannah got Stuart to take 2 naps a day, fed him, hung out with him while he climbed up and down, up and down the stairs--sometimes for an hour at a time...Stuey loves the stairs! Especially since we don't have any at our house here in Kodiak.

My class was so rejuvenating for my brain and hands. It was on a technique called Strain Counterstrain which is a manual technique first done by a Doctor of Osteopathy in Oregon in the '60's. It is used to reduce the tension in a muscle and help reduce the spasm which occurs in a muscle-therefore causing pain, tightness and more pain.
The physical therapist who taught the class has over 25 years of experience and is a wonderful teacher. He was so patient, funny, knowledgeable and down to earth. By far, it was the best continuing education course I've ever taken.

It was just what I needed at this time in my life-and makes me realize how much I love being a physical therapist. I'm most definitely in the right profession. There is always SO much to learn and I enjoyed meeting other therapists in Anchorage. It was a good group of people. We had a good time over the course of the weekend with lots of laughter and learning.

Travelling with Hannah was fun. She is very positive and empathetic. When our plane was delayed several hours (BOTH directions), she was full of good ideas on how to pass the time. Getting out of the airport was the ticket to making the time fly. :) A couple of times people asked if Hannah and I are sisters. We decided that the brown hair and blue eyes makes us have similar features. (I was just glad no body asked if she was my daughter!!!! That would NOT have gone over well...)

Hannah is so easy going and Stuart really enjoys her. Hannah and Stuart make eachother laugh. I can see that Hannah truly enjoys her time with the kids-her laughter, enthusiasm and smiles give it away. It is as though she and our other longer term babysitters (current and past) are part of our extended family---Audra, Megan, Krissy. They all bring something different to their times with our kids. I trust them all 100%, I love being part of their lives and am so glad they are part of ours.


Photo: Hannah with Stuart sound asleep in her lap.

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