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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Snow Day

It continues to be an unbelievable winter. Over the last two days we got almost another 2 feet of snow up on the mountains, and just over a foot at the airport. So far we have gotten over 12 feet of snow over the course of the winter at the airport! Woke up to a white world, and took Nora for a ski on the lawn. Dogs rushing about. Easter Sunday morning (blog post on this to follow).

Today I climbed up Pyramid with Lisa and Gregg from the golf course. The snow was too deep on the road to drive up to the ski chalet. As the official photographer I even took photos of them skiing down. Great day to be on the mountain.

Top photo is of Gregg and Lisa starting up the mountain from the golf course. Next photo is them climbing up the mountain with Buskin Lake and Barometer Mountain behind. Next three are ski photos of the two of them. Patrick

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My LIttle Family: said...

Patrick you are going to have to pass the camera over to your ski buddies so we can see some photos of you as well. Vickie