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Sunday, March 09, 2008

"Ski, Ski, Ski"

For months now, Nora has talked about skiing with Patrick. When I tell her that Patrick is out skiing, she points to herself and says, "me, me, me..." and then says "up, up, up...down, down, down...". I ask her, "you want to go skiing with daddy?" and she exclaims, "YEAH!".

Today she finally got to go skiing.

We took her out to the golf course-it was a rainy, wishy-washy day, but that didn't matter to us. Nora walked along on her skis, and had a smile on her face the entire time. She took a couple of falls but wasn't phased by it. The poles were SO cute-watching her barely hold on to them.

The whole experience today went much better than we thought.
No tears, 10 minutes or so on the snow...and she progressed forward on the skis. And when we got back into the car, she did her "more" sign and said, "boiee, boiee."
Thats what we call a successful day of skiing with a toddler!


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