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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Christina's Girls Dinner

Christina, her husband Jason and their son Gavin moved to Kodiak last summer and I was first introduced to them by Marias. Christina is so down to earth, fun and easy to talk to. She and Marias are both due with their second babies in the same week! Unbelievable, eh?! (Sidenote: Neither of them know whether they are having a boy or girl. Surprises-wooo-hooo!! I never could go without knowing during my pregnancies, but it sure is fun to have friends who are keeping it a surprise until delivery day.)

Tonight we had a fun girls dinner at The Old Powerhouse for Christina-a non-traditional mommy-blessing-baby-shower. It was so fun to chat and laugh, enjoy a yummy meal, mouth watering desserts and share in the blessings for Christina. We contacted her out of town friends and family (without her knowing) and they sent letters and boxes to share with Christina tonight. She was very surprised. As she opened each card and gift, she told us a little bit about the person-where they're from, how she knows them.... It really brought all those people right there to our table tonight. Their presence was felt.

Bronwyn, Christina, myself and Marias outside at The Old Powerhouse this evening.
Christina showing part of the gift from her Aunt Susan-wonderful chocolate goodies to help take care of pregnant sweet tooth cravings!! :)

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