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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Dinner

Ah Easter dinner, and Prime Rib and Pulled Pork and Scallop Ceviche and .. ... .. Lots of wine. Everything goes down well with wine. But it must be said that Mike Pfeffer prepares a tasty meat dish! The first bottle of wine that we drank was given to Zoya and I from a South African friend as our wedding present. It was a 2 litre bottle of fine wine from the Cape (Overgaauw Estate- the finest of South African wines). We had saved it for 4 years, and that's a long time for a bottle of wine in our house. Actually, Zoya only had re found it that morning on a spring cleaning, kitchen cabinet reorganization. We looked it up on the internet and it said that the bottle would be perfect after 7 years - it said 2001 vintage on the bottle, so perfect. It seemed fated that we were to uncork the bottle and drink it up. And it was good - and so was the entire meal. Also present Thomas and Rose Kingsley, Roxanne and Mike and Cecelia, Mary Jane.

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