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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dirty old carrot-eating dog

2 1/2 gallons of harvested carrots (1/2 bucket)

You might have heard of the 'egg-sucking dog' - the incorrigible hound best known from the Johnny Cash song of the same name.  Well, here at our house we got our own version of the 'egg-sucking dog' - only we can't keep her out of the garden rather than the 'henhouse,' and she's killing our carrots rather than the 'chickens'.  And if she doesn't stop eating our carrots we are NOT going to send her to the 'great chicken house in the sky' either.

Unbelievable!  We got a dog that eats carrots like chocolates.  

I think next year I might have to use an electric fence.  This year I decided to just harvest the carrots.  It was pretty much time anyway.  I harvested just under half of a 5 gallon bucket's worth of carrots.  And this year we harvested carrots pretty much continuously from late July on. It is amazing how many carrots you can get out of a small garden patch.

I wonder how many carrots Sheba harvested?

Chomp, chomp - Sheba lays waste to the carrot patch (note the slug)

Arghhhhh - is it time for the electric fence?

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