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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Clips in Hair

Making Red Currant Jam with Patrick

Nora has blossomed.

There is a  confidence to her long-legged steps; a lightness to her smile. And in the morning Nora places barrettes in her hair  so carefully along the crown of her hairline. I catch her posing in the mirror, angling her head to look at her hair design more closely.

I believe I've never enjoyed parenting as much as I am now.

It could be too soon to say, but I think perhaps a very hard time is behind me. Hard times where she would try to push beyond my parental boundaries of "No=No." Frusturation, hopelessness.
Wondering why everything had to feel so hard and why other kids didn't struggle like my Nora. It hasn't been easy. The unexplainable outbursts, crying, intense mood.

These moments are the very real, challenge of motherhood which all of us moms face in one way or another.


"No, Nora…we don't have any oreos left because I finished them all off" Nora says with a smile on her face today, imitating me as she comes into the kitchen after school today.

I laugh and reply, "oh, yeah…that would be me.  There were only two left...That's pretty funny Nora!"

Nora's got her groove on.


I"m not going to over think it and ponder the elements which came into place to see this switch. I'm just going to enjoy her and soak her in every chance I have.

For years Nora didn't care about her hair and she didn't appreciate that I cared about it. So I gave up caring and knew that with time, when the time was right, SHE would come around to caring.

And that moment is now.


Our Black Pack! What sweet dogs they are. 

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