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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Hour for New Moms...

For the past 8 months, A Balanced Approach has offered a mom-baby hour for moms and their new little ones. I hold it on Fridays right before lunch, and it has been so fun to see the moms have a chance to catch up, talk about new baby topics and be together. I bring in guest speakers periodically--massage therapists to do chair massage, occupational therapists (to talk about oral motor development), and a variety of other speakers. Sometimes I talk about back care, abdominal exercises, etc.

I started the sessions last fall, because there wasn't such a group on island. The first 6 months post-partum is such a unique time in a woman's life--she is learning so much about herself and her baby, and its nice to have a group of ladies to help talk about milestones with. The group has been especially lovely for 1st time moms and/or moms who are new to Kodiak.

I'm taking the summer off with the hour, because of travel schedules for the moms and nice summer weather (hopefully) but will start it back up in the fall season.

In these photos, Amy S. (Occupational therapist) and Genevieve C. (physical Therapist) shared their knowledge about oral motor development in infants with us. I learned so much as well!! All about binkys, sippy cups and more... 3 moms and their little ones were in attendance.


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Jessy said...

That sounds great! It can be so hard as a first time mom to connect with other moms.