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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A few kid quotes

When reading our old blog posts, some of my favorites are of funny quotes from the kids. So, this is probably boring to most, but I must document here so their quotes can be archived. Our blog serves as their baby books... :) I write the quotes down exactly as they were said...

"How can this be? Going to preschool?!!"-Nora questioned this of me on my birthday. A serious injustice in her mind!!

"How do you get this fire away?"-Stuey as he watches the steam come off the top of his tea....waiting for it to cool down.

"How can them get back to their boat?" -Stuey talking about Sven and Balika--in reference to the France Spain canal trip we took. I believe he thought it was Sven and Balikas' boat we were on in France...or perhaps they lived on it here.

"Apples grow us tall" -Stuey, upon eating his apple. Referring to how I tell them fruits and veggies help them grow tall if they eat them.

"Daddy-it isn't winter."-Nora on May 9th, when Patrick is looking at internet weather forecast---complaining about projected several days of sun.


Pictures are from the kids trip with Sara to Hidden Beach this afternoon. It really isn't winter anymore.

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