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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Maine Times

Our trip East is winding to an end...we just returned from 5 nights in Rockport and North Haven Maine. Now we are back in Boston in preparation for Patrick's cousin, Debbie's wedding on Saturday. We had a wonderful time up North. The weather was good, and we had lots of time to relax and play at the park as well as go for boat rides and cook meals. We've decided that the best part of vacation is time on the water, with no schedule whatsoever to abide by. In North Haven, we were joined by Dicky, Ella, Leo, Zeke and Brooks for fabulous picnic on the ocean. The weather was warm, we enjoyed goodies on a grill and the kids ran around and even swam/waded in the ocean. BRRRRR!!!

Our trip has had its share of family drama....but whats a trip to see long distance relatives without some heated discussions? Things will come out fine in the end. Sometimes siblings married to siblings can create interesting tension. (I'm probably going to get in trouble for writing this.)

The kids REALLY enjoyed boat rides with their Aunt Polly and Uncle John and Cousins Jack and Sam (see photos). Later, on North Haven Island we took boat rides which they thoroughly enjoyed as well...lots of squeals of delight and "go faster, go faster"!!

One thing which is particularly fun for me is to watch Patrick cook with his mom. They've shucked peas, cooked meats and had such wonderful moments talking about food and different things to do in recipes. Patrick always says that he has learned how to cook from his mom and seems that they are always learning from eachother. Patrick made salmon patties with CANNED Alaskan red salmon which he bought right off the shelf in North Haven, Maine. The patties were fabulous and Patrick enjoyed showing his mom how you can transform a couple of cans of canned salmon into a wonderful, yummy meal (complete with homemade tarter sauce)....perhaps Patrick will share his recipe in the weeks to come. We got it from our friend, Rose Kinsley.

The weather is heating up-forecast is for the 80s+ in the next couple of days. I'm rather excited for some serious heat. The house here in Boston is close to a little pond where we do some fun swimming with the kids.



Isiik said...

yes, I want the fish patty recipe!

Unknown said...

Loved the comments about making things with store bought canned red salmon. I will compare my recipe for doing that any day. In Florida we do not have access to fresh or homecanned salmon.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Isiik, it's the Joy of Cooking recipe. I like to use ritz crackers and add a chopped shallot or onion. Last time I added chopped chives too.

And yes the whole point was to show my mom and everyone out East that canned salmon is GOOD stuff - even off the shelf at Safeway!