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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Impromptu BBQ

Its been raining for days and days. Yesterday afternoon, the rain stopped for a few minutes and Nora asked, "Can dad start a fire outside?". Patrick was up for it, so he started a fire in the little fire pit as Nora watched on.

There is something about the fire which Nora is very fascinated by. She pulled up her little kid lawn chair and gazes into the flames. When the fire was in the process of getting started, Nora asked, "Mom-can you call up baby Olive and Alexis and see if they want to come over with Grace? I think Olive would really like it!".

The Jackson family came over and the kids ran around as we grilled some veggies and bean burgers which were in the fridge and freezer. There were a few raindrops here and there during the time the fire was going, but it wasn't enough to send anyone indoors.

I love how Nora spearheaded the whole evening-from starting the fire to inviting some friends over. And how Patrick went for it with starting the fire. As I told Patrick last night, I appreciate him for his "lets do it" attitude and not thinking of 20 reasons why we couldn't do a BBQ pit. There is something so fun about being outside watching food cook and hanging out with friends!


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