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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And we are off

We are all packed up and tomorrow I am off to the other side of the Alaska Peninsula for a four week archaeological excavation. At dawn we fly about as far as a Beaver float plane can go - a solid 2 hours to the Ugashik River area on Bristol Bay. Once there we will be excavating a 1500 year old Norton Tradition village. We plan on uncovering parts of at least three large houses. Camping and living with the mosquitos and bears. It ought to be exciting.

Picture is of the crew - all clean cut and clean prior to the expedition. Wait 'till you see us when we get back in late July all worn out and dirty. I hope we'll be happy.

I must admit, it'll be very hard to be away from Zoya, the kiddos and the dogs for so long. It'll be my longest trip away since the kiddos entered the picture. Nora and Stuey have been particularly talkative and fun of late and I know they will be different when I get back. I'll miss the process, and I think this bums me out the most. My kids will only be this age once. On the other hand, it'll be exciting on the other side of the Peninsula and I will be conducting archaeological research in which I can take pride. I'll be growing too.

Anyhow I'm off! Patrick

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