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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

Its been great being home. THe kids have sleeping lots more than normal-I believe the travel and time change has hit them hard upon the return from Boston. As long as I get 8 hours of sleep every night, I"m good to go. I'm not as affected by the time change.

Patrick called today wand said, "Its REALLY good you're not here because the mosquitos are horrible". I can't even imagine being there in mosquito land with the kids. I remember Patrick saying last year that the mosquitos were pretty bad, but from the sounds of it, they're even worse this year. I saw lots of bug repellent go into their bags, so thats a blessing.

Our month of Patrick away begins. So things are good. There were a few tears (mine) as Patrick pulled away in the car yesterday heading out. I"ve never been away from him for a solid month. He has gone on month long digs before, but I would visit him. This time, the site is so far away on the Alaska Peninsula that visiting won't be possible.

Jenni, who came with us out East, is helping with the kids while I"m at work (and in case a doula client goes into labor during the night time). Jenni has had so much time with Nora and Stuey that she really knows how to work with them. She has great patience and is consistent with them, which is what they need.

Being back at work after 2 weeks away feels great. It is the longest chunk of time i"ve been gone since opening my business 2 years ago. My new office manager, Christina, kept things well organized and got lots of projects done while I was gone. Its good to know that I"m able to leave for a 2 week stretch without too many problems!

I couldn't resist putting more trip photos on....there were so many great moments captured of our East Coast trip.


Patrick and I at the wedding. Its the VERY RARE moment I get to see Patrick in a suit! it always throws me for a loop to see him tie a tie! He always wears the deer tie which he wore on our wedding day. One of his relatives asked him, "is that all the deer you've shot or are going to shoot?".

Coming home on the train from Boston. Stuey fell asleep in my lap.

The gift of farm milk which all the guests at the wedding were given. Note the cute customized labels. So fun!

A VERY RARE group photo of all of Patricks siblings and step siblings together. This is the first photo of its kind and quite a rare moment to have all the siblings and their spouses together.

Emmy taking us for a boat ride in North Haven, Maine. Stuey loved every moment of sitting on granny's lap!

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Sue said...

Zoya, I hope the month with Patrick away flies by! My month with Brian away ends tomorrow night!! Cross your fingers for good weather. Fun to see all the pictures of the trip. Hope to see you soon! I miss those kiddos! :)