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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Welcome Back Justin

Justin excavcates 'L3b' at the bottom of the Kashevaroff Site

Long time Kodiak and Community Archaeology stalwart Justin Hays is back.  He first dug with us up at the Outlet Site by Buskin Lake in 2000, and helped run the Community Archaeology dig in 2004 and 2005 at Zaimka Mound, Bruhn Point and Salonie Mound.  He also helped out at Olga Lakes and Horseshoe Cove. 

For the last few years he has been working in Interior Alaska where the archaeological sites may be older, but the artifacts and features are no where near as plentiful or robust.  He seems happy to be back on the coast.  And we are certainly happy to have him back - Welcome Back Justin!


Justin excavates L1 at the Zaimka Mound Site in 2003 - Early Kachemak house depression in the background

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