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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bubbles of Joy

This weekend has been full of bubble blowing and deck sweeping.

 Several weeks ago Patrick and I decided the time had come to say goodbye to our old kid plastic playset in our fenced-in yard area.  It was a mini log cabin complete with a slide which broke years ago and it was becoming dilapadated. The kids  hadn't  touched it this summer.   The kids have moved onto playing more on the bouy swing and basketball court.

Patrick was quite nostalgic and sad about it. The Velveteen Rabbit story always tugs at Patrick's heart strings, hence the sadness when saying good bye to toys or outside equipment cherised by the kids. Off to the dump the play set went. With the green-red plastic cabin gone, the evening light comes into the back deck until 10 pm!

With a butter knives in hand, Stuey and I cleaned out the pine needles from the grooves in the deck. Groove by groove, we pushed the dirt, pine needles and some small plants through the planks.  This is a chore I used to do every summer but haven't done in probably 5 years!  Since our fire pit was put in on the ocean side lawn and our gill rusted through, we spend the bulk of time on the ocean side lawn.

 I put a red gingham table cloth on the patio table. Yesterday morning Stuey and I played several games of battleship together on the table.

Bubbles are a-plenty here as Stuey is mastering the art of blowing bubbles! Yesterday during a drive out to Pasagshak, I taught Stuey how to blow bubbles. With a pack of apple green hubba bubba, Patrick and I talked him through how to form a bubble and I demonstrated.

 At first Stuey was highly discouraged and teary saying, "I can't do it. I won't ever be able to do it" and then he had a successful, almost accidental small bubble. Then another one. And then they got bigger and all day today hes been blowing bubbles nonstop. Hes been laying on the couch saying "mom, you should of seen that one! IT was SO big!"


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