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Friday, July 15, 2016

Games and Downtime

Crazy Eights in the 'tea room'

On our past trip to Afognak we played far more games than usual.  I believe it is the start of a new trend.  Crazy eights, ColorKu, obstacle course, and the 'Fog Oasis' cliff game were the favorites.  A lot more reading and downtime too.  Every afternoon it was quiet time for everyone.  I actually read a book and a half - this is something that would have been impossible to conceive of on a trip to Afognak with kids 2 years ago!  Patrick

The 'fog oasis' cliff game

'You're going down in the dumps with Donald Trump'

Estella on the obstacle course

Nora and Estella time Stuey on the obstacle course from the teepee

Huge driftwood log to play on

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