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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Kayaking on a sea of pewter

One morning while on our latest trip to Afognak I took Nora and Stuey in the Kayaks while Zoya walked on shore with Estella and Brewster.  The tide was dead low and it was flat calm.  It was a grey day and very difficult to see where the sky ended and the sea began.  I felt like I was floating on a sea of pewter.

As we paddled along the coast we realized that if we yelled there was an echo back from the forest.  The trees higher up were draped in fog and it was sort of eerie to hear your voice come back and repeat what you said a second or so later.

As we paddled along the coast we could occasionally see Zoya, Estella and Brewster as they made their way through the spruce trees along the tops of the cliffs.  Brewster was a little ball of bounding white in the dark trees.  He finally noticed us down below and ran down to the beach and swam out to the kayaks.  He never swims and I was shocked at how fast he could go.

We all met up and had a picnic before heading back to Lipsett Point.


Pit stop on the go

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