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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Afognak July 2016 Best-Of's

Pensive pre-breakfast moment in the teepee - quiet anyway

Afognak 2016  Best-ofs (compiled by me on the last day by group survey)

Favorite foods:
Egg drop soup
chili cheese fritos
peanut M&M's
mini chocolate donuts

Favorite places to go:
Old Believers Village
Lost and Found beach
Drinking stream
graveyard point

Favorite things to do in the cook tent:
Color-ku board game
Crazy 8's
watch Brewster sleep

Favorite games to play outside:

Fog Oasis
Obstacle Coarse on logs near tent

Things we like most about camping:
walking on the beach
no laundry to do
write, read and saw wood
sitting by wood stove
staying cozy in teepee
blow up mattresses
no electronics
boat ride
teaching Brestwer how to swim

Things we liked least about camping:
bugs. mosquitos. thick.
inconvenience of going to the bathroom, especially at night
Brewster going bonkers in the early morning hours wanting to be fed
running out of good books to read (Nora)


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