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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Exploring the Coast North of Camp

Hiking to the North on 'North Beach'

It seems that on every trip to Afognak we discovered something new.  On this trip we hiked along the coast to the north of camp for the first time.  In the past we've always gravitated either up the mountain behind camp or towards the old village to the south.  I had explored around 1/2 mile or so further north and had found a rocky but low coastline.  So that is sort of what we expected to find more of on this trip.

What we discovered is Fort Abercrombie or Termination Point on steroids.  High cliffs and untrammeled old growth spruce forest.  There is a steep hillside that ends in cliffs and the trail cuts along the slope through the old growth spruce forest.  And it is a pretty good trail too.

The good trail begins a little further along than I had explored in the past and is a heavily used bear trail.  Clearly it is the bear highway along the coast to Litnik at the head of the bay. Going out the bay, the trail cuts inland at what we call 'lost and found beach', and turns west behind and inland of Lipsett Point - hence we never seem to see bear sign at camp.  All the bears are on the bear highway a 1/2 mile or so inland.  This is the bear trail we cross when we climb up the mountain behind camp.

I think we'll be exploring a lot more in this direction in the future.  Patrick

Nora and Estella used the juice box straws to sip stream water

BIG Sitka spruce and a mature understory

We followed a bear trail along the cliff tops

The north coast is cliffy with a steep mountain slope up above

Looking north towards the head of Afognak Bay from the turn around point

This is actually the coast south of camp where the coastline is much lower and more sandy

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