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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Teepees In the Trees

The last few days I have been going back through the blog archives and checking out posts about our trips to Afognak in years past.  It is interesting to see how our gear has evolved (in addition to watching me get old and the kids get big).  We used to use traditional tents for sleeping.  The first year we even used an old Moss tent that had been on numerous archaeological excavations extending back to 1994.

These days it seems all we use are teepees.  It is hard to beat how quick they are to set up and how big they are inside.  Both of our sleeping teepees have bug nets and floors.  On this past trip Nora and Estella slept in the Golite Shangri-la 5 while Zoya, Stuey and I slept in the Hyperlight Mountain Gear Ultimid 4.

However, one thing has not changed.  We have always used a big old teepee and a woodstove for a cook tent, and it has always been set up in the same spot.  But it is interesting to see how much moss used to be inside the tent.  Now-a-days it is pretty beaten in all around the cook tent and we imported gravel to make a floor on the inside.  Also in the old days we still did most of our cooking on an old Coleman 2 burner stove.  These days we do most of our cooking on the woodstove.  Patrick

Nora brings back firewood to the teepee

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