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Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Routine - Happy Zoya

School has been underway for several weeks now. And I"ve been in heaven. With the kids off and on their way at 8:00 am every morning...there is a little more breathing room.

School is going well-Nora and Stuey are in the same class again at St. Mary's with Miss. Schmitt as their teacher and they really enjoy her. This is Nora's 3rd year with Miss Schmitt as her teacher, so Nora knows what to expect with class routines, etc.

I volunteer for 2 hours on Thursday mornings-feels good to be back in the classroom helping. Last year I taught cursive and this year I"m helping with reading groups. Its fun to get to know Nora and Stuey's classmates better and have a presence in the classroom.


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