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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Some Teepee Time

We spent Labor Day weekend on Afognak with our friends Philip, Brooks and Lindsey.  Some much needed family teepee time.

The teepee is our home base on Afognak.  It is where we stay warm by the glowing woodstove, cook food, tell stories under the glow of the Lucy Light lantern, and enjoy each others company.  Nothing quite like teepee time.


Lucy light time with the kids in their tents

What game is this?  I remember it was some sort of chant and choreographed hand slapping thing 

Thumb War, Stove, and Coffee at Sunrise

Sunrise view from the teepee

Brooks feeds the stove while Stuey loses to Lindsey at 'Thumb War'

Our infinity view hot tub

Time to go home


Brooks Horan said...

Down down baby-

Lindsey Kathleen said...

Thanks again for a great weekend! What an adventure to Afognak, big group hunting, and teepee life! Thank you for sharing your family time with me. Very grateful.