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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Family Deer Hunt

A pack of hominids on the prowl

While on Afognak we all went for a 'family' hunt.  Instead of the '2 guys heading up the mountain at the crack of dawn' routine we all headed up around 10 in the morning as a pack.  We climbed up the mountain with absolutely no stealth involved. At one point Brooks pointed out a doe and Stuey shouted, 'deer!'  Nora hung in the back and discussed 'Cup Cake Wars' with Zoya and Lindsey.  Then once we got to near the alpine I headed back to camp with the kids while the primary hunters went into true stealth mode.  Soon afterwards Brooks harvested 2 deer.

Back at camp Philip proved adept at pulley systems and non-slipping knots, and we hoisted all the meat high up into the air beyond the reach of prowling bears.  The meat stayed cool and dry under the hoisted tarp in the sky.  Patrick

Brooks as primary shooter carried the rifle

Stuey breaks trail with his stick machete

Meat on the line pre-hoisting

Now that's up there

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