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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Stuey's First Hunt

Stuey negotiates the 'Hellawe' brush

Last weekend after I went hunting with Zoya it became apparent that Stuey too really, REALLY wanted to go hunting.  So this past Saturday I took him hunting (another Proxy tag).

We hiked up through the brush and during our hike saw 8 deer.  We saw a couple of spikes on a hillside across a ravine, and they were in range for a long shot.  So I asked Stuey what he thought we should do.  And he said, 'No daddy, that's a bad shot because those deer are on top of a cliff'.  He was right, and I was very proud of his restraint.

So we came home with no deer, but Stuey got to glass deer with the binos - looking for 'horns'.  He learned to be quiet, and to note which way the wind was blowing.  The deer smell you if the wind is wrong.  He also got a taste for bushwhacking and climbing steep hillsides with a minimal trail.  He's got in his first hunt.  Patrick

Stuey points to where we saw some deer (2 fawns and a doe)

The alpine bowl where we turned around

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